Epica Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70

By using the 3X Powerful Epica Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt Electric motor, start juicing you would really find yourself gratifying in a sourish glass of your most favored citrus juice, devoid of any hassle. The Juicer furthermore fits properly into any kind of health program and life style – whether or not you’re the thirty-year inactive just beginning to shape upward or a good ultra-marathoner aiming to boost your diet between hours-long training sessions, the juicer may help you get the nutrition you need to reside and workout while assisting you kick poor health behaviors.

Reasonable Quality

With regards to home citrus fruit juicers, the particular Stainless-steel Epica Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt is really a quality option that you can rely on. It works rapidly to make a wide range of juice devoid of taking most morning that is a nice quality for hard days. You can find two reamers with the intention that you can carry out all dimensions of lemon or lime – anything at all from small key limes to a large grapefruit, creating this a really flexible juicer to get in the house.


This particular juicer is definitely incredibly user friendly. Switching involving the small plus large reamer is a snap, so you will rapidly power via different size citrus fruits with no concerns. There’s a car start and prevent feature so you don’t have to push an on and off button among fruits, simply keep going. The particular Epica Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 distributes directly into the glass, which makes it a great counter top machine whenever you could just consume the juice per individual, per day.

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Simplified Design

Not just is the juicer very easy to utilize with the car switch and straightforward to change reamers, it’s also developed in a way that appears great within the countertop. They have a small impact and appear glossy plus modern.

Sharp Cleanup

Since making fresh juice can produce a mess, it is nice the particular cleanup procedure with this device is so simple. All you have to perform is put the reamers off plus rinse all of them. There are not a lot of components to take away from and clean, making it an easy cleanup.

Great Investment

The particular Stainless-steel Epica Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 is an excellent choice since it is reasonable. It provides a high quality level and dependability for a reduced investment, which makes it a great approach to delicious fresh citrus juice at home.

General Review

The particular Epica Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 is an inexpensive countertop juicer that forces through many glasses of fresh juice each day and functions well for daily use. If you need to do big quantities, you might be dissatisfied. Furthermore, it will not last permanently, but with this price point this still can be a great option if it suits your needs. You may further know about other juicers like Breville JE98XL. This is also much efficient in work.